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Asia Language Centre


Focussed on Excellence in Education


Traditional Chinese
Chinese Mandarin – traditional characters.
Simplified Chinese
Chinese Mandarin – simplified characters.
Traditional and Contemporary Art (oil and pencil).
English reading & writing classes for Year 3-10 students.
Maths classes, including mental abacus calculation, available.
Commencing Term 1, 2018.
Commencing Term 3, 2018.
Martial Arts
Commencing Term 3, 2018.

The mission of the school is to teach Chinese language and promote intercultural learning so students can reach their potential.

There are over 400 students and 35 teachers and administration staff at ALC. The teachers all have qualifications from Australia, China or Taiwan.

Established for over 24 years

Asia Language Centre (ALC) is one of the oldest Chinese language schools in Brisbane – established on the 3rd October 1993.

Quality assured

The school is recognized and approved by the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

We encourage our students

ALC provides opportunities for students to participate in various competitions, and to go to an overseas camp every year.


Runcorn State High School will be holding its Open Day on Saturday, 7 March 2020.

As a result, classes at Asia Language Centre will not be held on the 7th March, but make-up classes will be provided at the end of Term 1. This means that the Term 1 break will be 2 weeks rather than the scheduled 3 weeks.