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TERM 1 Commences Saturday 02 February 2019, Ends Saturday 06 April 2019

TERM 2 Commences Saturday 27 April 2019, Ends Saturday 22 June 2019

TERM 3 Commences Saturday 20 July 2019, Ends Saturday 21 September 2019

TERM 4 Commences Saturday 12 October 2019, Ends Saturday 30 November 2019


Currently there are not any vacancies for teachers. However, please send your CV to


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Asia Language Centre (ALC) is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was founded 24 years ago on 3 October 3, 1993. It is the only Chinese language school in Brisbane recognised by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. This means that successfully completing the Chinese course at ALC automatically entitles students to two additional credit points in their Queensland Certificate of Education.

The purpose of the school is to actively promote and develop Chinese education overseas; enhance students’ understanding of China’s long history; and promote Chinese culture.

There are two language divisions at ALC: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Teaching depends on the language level of students, therefore, ALC has classes from Pre-school to Year 12. We also provide a special OP class. The OP class is focused on developing the skills required to pass QCAA’s external examination.  ALC’s students who have taken part Queensland highest examination to attend university have consistently achieved excellent results.

The Simplified Chinese textbook Zhong Wen, published by Jinan University and supplied by the Overseas Chinese Office, and the HSK textbooks from China Hanban Office, are the main teaching resources. The Traditional Chinese characters are mainly based on the Mandarin textbooks and the new-edition Mandarin published by the Taiwan Overseas Affairs Committee.

Asia Language Centre’s teaching approach is rigorous.  It uses small class sizes, and combines traditional teaching with the approach required by the Queensland Department of Education and Training through listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This enables students to master the topic, grasp the central idea, master grammar and gain cultural understanding. ALC’s approach is student-centred, using heuristic methods to improve students ' interest in learning.

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