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2020 School Calendar

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Term 1

15 February -28 March

Many families are returning to Australia after the recent school holidays. Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, in order to ensure the health of our students and teachers, Asia Language Centre has decided to postpone the start of school by two weeks until Saturday, 15 February 2020.

Term 2

25 April - 20 June



Term 3

18 July - 19 September

Term 4

10 October - 28 November


The annual calendar may be slightly changed if necessary.

A Parents & Teachers’ meeting is held once each term during the last class: 11:30-12:00.

The 2021 school year at Asia Language Centre begins on 06 February 2021.



Currently there are not any vacancies for teachers. However, please send your CV to


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Art Course Guide 2020

Beginner class

The aim of the basic class painting training is to develop the children's intelligence, and to make them learn a way of self-independent observation, combination and expression of the world. The main task is to cultivate young children's interest in art, develop their observation, memory, imagination, creativity and image thinking ability; coordination and operation ability of hand muscles. We use pencils, brushes, colour pens and a variety of painting materials and tools to mix and paint.

Intermediate class

[Picasso said: "I can draw like a master in a short time, but I will spend my whole life learning to paint like a child."]

In the study of painting, the children's world is pure, unrestrained, this stage of the painting course will be introduced by the theme, so that the child's initiative to create, to cultivate image thinking ability, observation ability and creative ability. In addition to drawing skills to learn, in the classroom to cultivate self-affirmation and self-confidence in the present and future to make children more open to the creation and expression. Hope that children's painting class can become a child's expectations, even exciting expectations.

Materials used in class: crayon, colour pencil, watercolour, acrylic, etc.

Advanced Class

The teaching goal of advanced class is: To inspire aesthetics, design and art ideas to create a unique art of unlimited extension of the possibility. Through the history of world art, we will enrich students ' sensitivity to art and enrich their inner feelings of art.

The senior class meeting uses the pencil, the colour pencil, the acrylic, the watercolour, the ink even to use the mixture medium to complete the work.

Oil painting class

Oil painting class, students are required to learn a variety of paints and brushes, toner and other materials applications. Understand the basic elements of oil painting. Through the study of painting classes hope to enable students in the extra-curricular independent painting or create their own works.

School closure



亞洲語文學校自四月四日起開始了網路在線課程,教學效果甚佳。 亞洲網課採用全程在線教學,結合富媒體科技,學生與老師互動活躍,廣受家長好評。 歡迎新生隨時加入我們!



Chinese Language Online Classes

Asia Language Centre (ALC) has been conducting online courses since April 4, with excellent teaching results. ALC’s new, innovative program takes advantage of the interactivity of online teaching, combined with multimedia technology to engage all our students. As a result, it has received a tremendously positive response from our parents. You are very welcome to join us at any time!




鑒於目前新型冠狀病毒(Coronavirus COVID-19)的疫情日趨嚴峻,為維護本校全體師生健康,消除家長們的憂慮, 更避免發生交叉。 感染的風險。 因此經學校校委會慎重考慮。 決定自21/03星期六起暫停所有課程,有關複課日期,請靜待通知。




鉴于目前新型冠状病毒(Coronavirus COVID-19)的疫情日趋严峻,为维护本校全体师生健康,消除家长们的忧虑, 更避免发生交叉。感染的风险。 因此经学校校委会慎重考虑。决定自21/03星期六起暂停所有课程,有关复课日期,请静待通知。




In view of the increasing severity new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, we have taken the health of all the teachers and students of Asia Language Centre (ALC) into consideration. In the hope of eliminating your worries and avoiding the risk of infection, ALC has decided to suspend all courses starting from 21/03/2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and the health department recommendations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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