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TERM 1 Commences Saturday 02 February 2019, Ends Saturday 06 April 2019

TERM 2 Commences Saturday 27 April 2019, Ends Saturday 22 June 2019

TERM 3 Commences Saturday 20 July 2019, Ends Saturday 21 September 2019

TERM 4 Commences Saturday 12 October 2019, Ends Saturday 30 November 2019


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Abacus Mental Calculations 

The abacus is a mathematical calculation method. The abacus is used to add, subtract, multiply and divide. By using the abacus, the brain completes the computation, thereby raising the ability of the students to do mental arithmetic.

The abacus can be used at an astonishing speed. Often, as long as students can hear the numbers, or see the problem, the operator can immediately tell you the answer or write it down. This is the fundamental technique of computation using an abacus.