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TERM 1 Commences Saturday 02 February 2019, Ends Saturday 06 April 2019

TERM 2 Commences Saturday 27 April 2019, Ends Saturday 22 June 2019

TERM 3 Commences Saturday 20 July 2019, Ends Saturday 21 September 2019

TERM 4 Commences Saturday 12 October 2019, Ends Saturday 30 November 2019


Currently there are not any vacancies for teachers. However, please send your CV to


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Traditional Chinese Language Course Guide for 2017

Level  Teaching Element and activities  Text book 
3-3.5 years old
3.5-4.5 years old
4.5-5 years old
Listening/speaking/singing/dancing/drawing//Intercultural Teaching material is provided by the School.
Beginner class Phonetic & Speaking/Listening/Intercultural Phonetic provided by Taiwan Overseas Community Affairs Council
Years 1-8 Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing/Intercultural Let’s Learn Chinese provided by Taiwan Overseas Community Affairs Council
Years 9-12 Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing/Intercultural Chinese provided by Taiwan Overseas Community Affairs Council
OP Class This class is designed to help students who are in Year 12 to improve their Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing; to take part in the QCAA external Chinese examination; and obtain an excellent OP score.  

 *The Pre-school class is an immersion, bridging course to help young children to be ready for the Beginner class.