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第一期 星期六2月2日–星期六4月6日(9 周)

第二期 星期六4月27日–星期六6月22日(9 周)

第三期 星期六7月20日–星期六9月21日(10 周)

第四期 星期六10月12日–星期六11月30日(8 周)



诚聘 有教学经验的中文、美术教师。CV请寄

Traditional Chinese Language Course Guide for 2017


(4.5 - 6 years old, Chinese and non Chinese background)
It is a bridging course to help young children to be ready for the beginner’s class.

No writing skills will be taught.

Level  Teaching Element and activities  Text book 
Pre-school Listening/speaking/singing/dancing/drawing//Intercultural Teaching materials provided by School
Beginner class Pinyin/ Listening/speaking/Culture study Pinyin book
Year 1-3 Listening/speaking/reading/writing/Intercultural My First Chinese Readers 1 -3
Year 4 Listening/speaking/reading/writing/translation My First Chinese Reader 4
Advanced class Listening/speaking/reading/writing/translation Contemporary Chinese
Chinese background student classes with Chinese traditional form writing
Learning Level  Teaching Element and activities  Text book 
Pre-school Singing/dancing/drawing/Listening/speaking/Intercultural Teaching materials provided by School
Beginning class Pinyin and speaking Pinyin book
Year 1-12 Listening/speaking/reading/writing/Intercultural 《华语》Chinese books 1-12
Advanced class Listening/speaking/reading/writing/Culture study Teaching materials provided by School
OP training class 

This class designed to help students who are in year 11, year 12 to improve their Chinese in the four macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It also will inform year 12 students how to pass and get excellent OP mark.